Under the knife

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It seems to me that it's only a matter of time before a celebrity decides to wander into the world of plastic surgery.  They seem to assume that even though (in the main) they look perfectly fine, a slight (or not so slight) facial (or otherwise) modification will make their life so much better.  Not only do they think they will look much better, they also think that we won't notice!
So it's fairly obvious where I'm going with this.  I'd like some before and after examples of modifications (good or bad, although I'm not sure how many good ones there'll be) that celebrities have put themselves through, all in search of something they already had.

Over to you...

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"Burns" victim

I rest my case Mike...


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Perhaps the ultimate transformation. On the left Wackson Jackson when he was nice and normal and on the right when he's just downright scary...


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Good job Lesley

Nice one Lesley, just the job, because you were really ugly before.


Lesley Ash

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Blimey. I have to agree Spidey, what a fabulous transformation. A vast improvement I must say. An additional beard would have been nice though...

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Due to popular demand

Due to unprecedented demand, we take great pleasure in adding two new figurine's to compliment the china dog series.  They are busts of post-surgery Lesley Ash and a limited addition bearded version.  Stocks are limited so order now to avoid disappointment.


Lesley Ash figurine  Lesley Ash bearded figurine

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Excellent...I'll take the lot

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Nice little 'urn'er...

Nice one...luvvly jubbly etc. A monkey for the pair guv?

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Absolutely shocking. This site's becoming more like the Franklin Mint every day! Whatever next, a George Michael tea-set? Come to think of it...put me down for one...

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Ochhhhhhh! Or how about a...wait for it...a...D.L.Tea-set! Ochhhhhhh! Lovely china bowl to eat your hairy cornflakes out of Ochhhhhhh etc....

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Crazy Cat Lady

I think Michael Jackson has everyone beat but coming a close second is Jocelyn Wildenstein (or is it Wildebeest)...


Jocelyn Wildenstein

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Nice but...

...could be improved by a beard. Apart from that, lookin' good!